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About Us

Oregon Heavy Equipment Sales

Our company specializes in affordable used heavy equipment, commercial trucks, trailers and parts. We have been serving the industry since 2003.

Although we have grown from a small, locally-oriented business into a world-wide provider of used construction equipment in just 10 years, WE WILL NOT FORGET HOW IT HAPPENED. It happened because we give personal attention to you, the potential customer. We would love to be given the opportunity to serve your needs.

Contact Us with your questions or needs...AND LET’S BEGIN.

    Services We Provide

  • Offer for sale, used Heavy Equipment, Trucks and Trailers, and Attachments
  • Provide FREE shipping quotes, including Containers, Roll-On and Ocean Movement Worldwide
  • Purchase of qualified equipment
  • FREE internet advertising of your qualified equipment
  • No charge unless/until COMPLETION OF SALE of your equipment
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